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Cherry picking 2D barcoded sample tubes

Ziath has posted a new video that shows how its Mohawk semi-automated tube selector is a productive and versatile tool for cherry picking tubes from multiple racks. In the new video, product manager Avash Anderson demonstrates how the Mohawk provides secure and accurate picking of individual 2D-barcoded tubes from 96-place SBS format racks – quickly and easily. Using […]


Porvair takes strain out of microplate sealing with autocapper

Porvair Sciences has released its next generation AutoCapper electronic sealer – a versatile device designed to take the strain out of applying friction sealing caps to a wide range of microplates. Built to quickly and securely seal 96-well deep well microplates as standard, the AutoCapper is also compatible with shallow well and 24- and 48-well deep well […]


Waters sets new standard in high resolution mass spectrometry with SELECT SERIES Multi Reflecting Time-of-Flight platform

Waters Corporation has introduced the Waters™ SELECT SERIES™ MRT, a high-resolution mass spectrometer that combines Multi Reflecting Time-of-Flight (MRT) technology with both enhanced DESI and new MALDI imaging sources. Together, these technologies enable scientists to explore molecular structure and function through the precise identification and localization of individual molecules in samples, with a unique combination […]


Thermo Fisher Scientific unveils Mass Spectrometer designed for small molecule analysis

  Small molecule researchers in academia, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical industries can now use a new, intelligent mass spectrometer (MS) to reveal complex chemical structures with confidence, ease and experimental versatility. The Thermo Scientific Orbitrap IQ-X Tribrid mass spectrometer has been designed specifically for small-molecule structural elucidation of metabolites and unknown compounds. The wide range of applications include […]


Sphere Fluidics and ClexBio introduce CYTRIX Microfluidic Hydrogel Kit

Sphere Fluidics, a company commercializing single cell analysis systems underpinned by its patented picodroplet technology, and ClexBio, a pioneer in solutions for tissue engineering and single-cell techniques, have launched the biocompatible CYTRIX Microfluidic Hydrogel Kit. The kit combines ClexBio’s novel CYTRIX Hydrogel with Sphere Fluidics’ specially designed Pico-Gen™ double aqueous biochip to allow the plug-and-play generation […]


ENPICOM to integrate renowned structural antibody prediction tools developed at the University of Oxford

ENPICOM, an innovative bioinformatics software engineering company, has announced it will expand the IGX Platform’s capabilities towards advanced liability prediction. At the Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics virtual conference, the company revealed its plans to integrate the Structural Antibody Prediction Platform (SAbPred) developed by researchers at the University of Oxford. “SAbPred is a widely recognized and […]