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Evaluation of the Microlute® CP Reversed Phase Solid Phase Extraction 96 well-plate by HPLC-MS

A Porvair Sciences Application Note   BACKGROUND Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a sample preparation method for the clean-up of samples before chromatographic analysis such as HPLC, and GC. SPE offers a number of advantages to the analyst, including less system downtime and troubleshooting, cleaner chromatograms with a reduction of contaminating compounds, and greater reproducible […]


Basic Metabolic Panel. STAT

INTRODUCING the GEM Premier ChemSTAT, a rapid Basic Metabolic Panel analyzer from Instrumentation Laboratory. Offering a customized menu for the emergency department, lab-quality Creatinine (Crea) results and advanced connectivity, this new solution ensures simplicity at the point of care or in the lab. Features Intelligent Quality Management (iQM) for quality-assured testing to support rapid triage […]


€1 million Future Insight Prize 2021 awarded to Ting Lu and Stephen Techtmann for turning plastic into food

Merck announced the winners of this year’s Future Insight Prize. The €1 million prize in the category of “Food Generation” was awarded during the Future Insight Days in Darmstadt, Germany, to Ting Lu, Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA, and Stephen Techtmann, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Michigan Technological University, […]


Researchers make major breakthrough for tracking RNA with fluorescence

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, have succeeded in developing a method to label mRNA molecules, and thereby follow, in real time, their path through cells, using a microscope – without affecting their properties or subsequent activity. The breakthrough could be of great importance in facilitating the development of new RNA-based medicines.


Ziath offers CryzoTraq tubes for cryogenic storage of biological specimens

Ziath, a leading supplier of equipment, software and consumables to simplify your sample management process, offers a range of CryzoTraq™ tubes designed for high integrity cryogenic storage of biological specimens at temperatures down to -196°C. CryzoTraq 2D barcoded tubes are manufactured in a Class 7 cleanroom using medical-grade polypropylene. Each batch is beta radiation sterilized by an electron beam, […]


Paradigm4 unveils REVEAL: Multi-Omics app for advanced cross-study analyses

Paradigm4 has launched its REVEAL: Multi-Omics app, allowing researchers to undertake advanced, cross-study analyses and enable quick searches for genes and proteins across all integrated public reference and proprietary datasets. It is built on top of Paradigm4’s SciDB next generation analytics platform, designed for rapid data slicing that enables scientific data modelling, storage, and population-scale […]