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New life for old cellular pathology records

We are probably all familiar with the problems of information storage and retrieval, where transition to newer systems, platforms, databases, etc, can mean that information previously stored can no longer be accessed easily, if at all. This article discusses how a system of digital methodology has been developed that gives immediate visibility and clinical utility […]


Assessment of proliferative activity in breast cancer

Approaches, significance and challenges Cell proliferation is a hallmark of cancer associated with aggressiveness and response to chemotherapy. In breast cancer (BC), assessment of proliferation constitutes the main component of grading and help in management. Herein, we address the most common approaches for BC proliferation assessment, their limitations, and evolving applications to overcome these challenges.


Conjunctival squamous intraepithelial neoplasia

The in situ stage of conjunctival squamous cell carcinoma is called conjunctival squamous intraepithelial neoplasia (CSIN). The use of terms such as Bowen’s disease and ocular surface squamous neoplasia are discouraged as their meanings vary and are prone to misinterpretation. The severity of squamous epithelial dysplasia is graded by the proportion of involved surface epithelium. […]


Mass spectrometry analysis of protein glycosylation and viral infectivity

The recent COVID-19 pandemic and race to develop vaccines against the causative agent, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, has reminded us of the important role that protein glycosylation plays in the mechanisms of pathogen infection and host immune response. CLI caught up with Dr Sanda and Dr Campos (both at Team Scientific Service Group […]


Press release: INTEGRA’s automated pipetting solutions improve accuracy and reproducibility for microRNA-based diagnostics

MiRXES, a biotechnology company based in Singapore, is relying on a range of INTEGRA pipetting systems to increase the speed and precision of its RT-qPCR workflows. Adam Chiow, Senior Research Officer at MiRXES, explained: “We are using a proprietary RT-qPCR technology platform – ID3EAL™ – to identify new microRNA biomarkers and develop diagnostic kits for […]