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Insight into precision medicine for genetically diverse populations

The development of molecular biology has driven a revolution in our understanding of disease at the molecular level, greatly improving diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic decision-making. The study of both data and physical specimens deposited in biobanks is crucial for this. However, the vast majority of biobanks are based in Europe and North America, and the […]


Biomarkers for improved management of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is an extremely complex and heterogenous disease. A significant problem in the clinical management of PCa is being able to accurately stratify patients based on their risk for aggressive disease. Traditional biomarkers and clinical methods for personalized treatment are insufficient. Appropriate stratification of patients based on their risk for aggressive disease is required […]


Why we should be measuring ionized magnesium

The majority of magnesium in the body is located in bone and muscle; however, the small extracellular proportion of ionized magnesium plays an important role in a number of physiologic processes. Generally, when assessing magnesium concentration, total magnesium is measured. This article discusses the importance of ionized magnesium and why we should be directly measuring […]


Tracing footsteps: exploring friendly viruses to diagnose Lyme disease

Despite the progress that has been achieved in Lyme disease (LD) diagnostic development in recent years, lack of early and effective diagnosis of LD remains a major cause of misdiagnosis and long-term patient suffering. We invented a novel way of detecting LD-causing bacteria. The new technology could potentially transform LD diagnostics through the innovative use […]