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AMSBIO introduces StemFit for Differentiation for human iPS and ES cells

AMSBIO has introduced StemFit for Differentiation – a new chemically defined and animal component-free formulation that enables unmatched differentiation of human Induced Pluripotent Stem (hiPS) and Embryonic Stem (hES) cells. The unique chemically defined composition of StemFit for Differentiation minimizes lot-to-lot variation, enabling highly consistent cell differentiation. Free of animal- and human-derived components, StemFit for […]


Revolutionary sample preparation for MS imaging

Shimadzu’s iMLayer boosts spatial resolution for MS imaging experiments. It enables reproducible matrix coating with small crystals and minimizes delocalization effects. Get a crystal clear view of microstructures in your sample. Features Creation of fine matrix crystals by unique matrix vapor deposition technology (sublimation) enabling high resolution MS imaging experiments Minimized delocalization effects compared to […]


Quality indicator monitors instrument HIL interference detection

Although your instruments may automatically detect HIL interferences, shouldn’t the lab’s QC program include pre-analytical checks to monitor instruments’ ability to detect them? Studies show that interferences from hemolysed, icteric or lipemic (HIL) specimens are amongst the most common pre-analytical errors.  Liquichek Serum Indices is a quality indicator intended for use as part of laboratory interference […]


Ansh labs launches two new immunoassays for SARS-COV2

Ansh labs has launched two new immunoassays, SARS-CoV2 IgG and IgM ELISAs, to assist in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Ansh Labs is releasing these two kits for sale in the United States under the provisions outlined in Section D of Policy for Diagnostic Tests for Coronavirus Disease-2019 during the Public Health Emergency. At […]


GE Healthcare Life Sciences releases software for cell therapy workflow

GE Healthcare Life Sciences continues to build out its flexible solutions across the cell therapy workflow with the commercial availability of SpinOculation C-Pro Protocol Software. Part of the Sepax™ C-Pro Cell Processing System, the software closes and automates the cell transduction step. When used in combination with the Sepax C-Pro instrument and CT-60.1 single-use kit, […]


C1q, C1 Inhibitor, C5 and Factor B assays for nephelometry and turbidimetry

TRIMERO offers C1q, C5, C1 (Esterase) Inhibitor and Factor B (C3 Proactivator) CE- marked assays for nephelometry and turbidimetry. Assays are available for IMMAGE® immunochemical systems of Beckman Coulter and for BN™ Series nephelometers of Siemens Healthineers. Turbidimetric assays and applications are also available for the most popular clinical chemistry analysers. In order to ensure […]


Horizon Discovery CHOSOURCE platform supports development of immunotherapy for autoimmune diseases

Horizon Discovery Group, a leader in the application of gene editing and gene modulation for cell line engineering, says its cGMP-compliant CHOSOURCE™ platform has played a key role in generating a stable cell line for the development of an immunotherapy for autoimmune diseases. Horizon’s pharmaceutical-grade, stable Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells delivered high yields of […]


Pipette tips designed for Integra pipettes

INTEGRA Biosciences has developed its GripTip pipette tips range to overcome the problems associated with the use of universal pipette tips. Universal pipette tips require hammering on to stretch the tip, often resulting in a suboptimal fit that can lead to loose, leaking and falling off tips. GripTips are designed to offer a perfect fit […]


Infectious disease testing system and assays

Abbott has announced CE Mark for the Alinity m diagnostic system and assays that will allow laboratories to meet the growing demand for infectious disease testing by offering increased efficiency, speed and accuracy. This new technology will provide high flexibility in molecular diagnostic testing, allowing more tests to be done in shorter timeframes, while reducing […]


Analysis of virus particles by Dynamic Light Scattering

Testa Analytical Solutions has published a new applications report that demonstrates how Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) can be used as an effective analytical technique for analysing virus particles in solution. The report examines four fish viruses incubated under laboratory culture conditions that have the potential to wreak significant economic damage to both recreational and commercially […]