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What is AI and how can it be applied to scientific instruments?

Abstract: Senior Electrical Design Engineer Dr Alex Beaseley looks at current applications of Artificial Intelligence as applied to real problems in scientific instruments. He demonstrates how a Neural Network approach can be deployed to analyse real-world images and determine key properties from the data with far more accuracy and far faster than traditional detection techniques. […]


Evaluation of the Microlute® CP Reversed Phase Solid Phase Extraction 96 well-plate by HPLC-MS

A Porvair Sciences Application Note   BACKGROUND Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a sample preparation method for the clean-up of samples before chromatographic analysis such as HPLC, and GC. SPE offers a number of advantages to the analyst, including less system downtime and troubleshooting, cleaner chromatograms with a reduction of contaminating compounds, and greater reproducible […]


Covid-19 sample tracking for private diagnostic labs

  By Stephen Knight, MA, Ziath Ltd, Cambridge UK   With the increasing pressure of widespread testing across many nations around the world, many privately held diagnostic labs are turning their attention to the new possibilities offered by community COVID-19 screening and testing. While the basic principle of using “gold standard” PCR test kits is […]


Evaluation of Recovery of Basic Analytes with Microlute® CP 30 mg Mixed-Mode Strong Cation Exchange (SCX) SPE by HPLC-MS

Background Sample preparation is important in any type of chromatography analysis. While it can add on extra time, the process of cleaning up samples before injection onto a system results in a range of benefits to the analyst – better recoveries, more reproducible analysis, less downtime of instruments, reduction of troubleshooting, as well as less […]