C258 AniLabsystems

Automated neonatal screening

The Ani Labsystems/Tecan Neonatal platform is a high throughput system intended for quantitative analysis of neonatal screening samples on 96-well microplates. The instrument is fully automated – all the operator has to do is to place the plates containing the dried blood spot samples on the instrument. Processing steps include: dispensing of reagents, elution of samples, incubation, removing of disks, washing, transfer of liquid samples, measuring, calculation of results and data reporting. Apart from the reagents, no extra consumables (e.g. pipette tips) are needed, which keeps running costs to a minimum. The unique liquid handling system allows analysis of both the ELISAbased assays as well as the enzymatic assays on the same platform. The highly sensitive fluorimetric detection guarantees excellent performance and a large linear range. The neonatal screens available include PKU, TSH, 17-OHP, Toxo-IgM, GAL, G6PD, (IRT to be released soon).

Supplier: Ani Labsystems Ltd Oy

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