Clinical laboratory International (CLI)

The leading international magazine for Clinical laboratory Equipment

  • Published seven times a year, CLI is crammed with information of direct relevance to everyone in the in vitro diagnostics field and all related disciplines.
  • Each issue contains specially commissioned mini-review articles written by eminent scientists or clinicians on hot topics carefully chosen to be of special interest to analytical scientists and technologists. Thus, every issue contains a “Disease Focus” article describing the diagnostic implications of a particular pathology, an ”Analyte of the Month “article highlighting the technical challenges and clinical significance of a selected analyte assay while the “Lab Technology” and “Molecular Diagnostics “articles go into the principles, practice and applications of the latest technological advances.
  • As if all this weren’t enough, every issue also contains reports on the latest tests and equipment on the market, together with book reviews, conference reports and the breaking news about our industry.