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CLi’s mission is to provide Clinical Laboratory scientists with information outlining the most recent tests and studies in disease diagnosis.

Press Releases

If you would like your company’s new products to be considered for publication in CLi, please send us your latest press release. The editors of CLi welcome all information on new products that become available on the international market.

However, many press releases cross the editors’ desks every week and only a certain number can be selected to appear in CLi. Please consider the following guidelines to increase the possibility of having your product news item published.

  • The product must be new and available on the international market
  • Press releases should be in English and should contain as much information on the product as possible (minimum 150 words)
  • It is advisable to include a data sheet
  • Please send electronic images , preferably in TIF or JPG format. The minimum size of digital images should be approximately 9 x 7 cm and at a resolution of 300 dpi. The images should be in CMYK, RGB or Grayscale colour space. All image files sent must follow the DOS naming convention of maximum 8 characters followed by recognised extension of 3 characters e.g.: picture.tif, super.jpg
  • Be sure to give your full company address as well as the name, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers of the Marketing Communications contact person
  • Every issue of CLi has a special section dedicated to one or various categories of products. Check out the Publishing schedule to find out which of the forthcoming issues might be of specific interest to you.

Feature Articles

CLI also welcomes longer feature articles. These articles (usually approximately 1500 words long) generally review a particular field of clinical /scientific interest and are not merely a list of a company’s products in the field. Such feature articles are by-lined to the author and his/her company or academic institute. The approach to follow for the submission of such feature articles is first to  submit a short synopsis to the editors who will respond with suggestions as to what form the article should take and give detailed “Instructions for Authors“ guidelines. DO NOT submit feature articles without having previous discussions with the editors.
Please send all the material to:

PanGlobal Media
Parklaan 54 A
5613 BH Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 85 064 55 82

The editors of CLI are looking forward to hearing from you soon!