AVANTOR 3 part differential Hematology Analyzer

BeneSphera Brand Hematology Analyzers

Avantor™ Performance Materials offers BeneSphera™ brand hematology analysers for human or veterinary applications, available in select markets* in Europe and Asia.
Together with J.T.Baker® brand reagent products from Avantor, BeneSphera™ brand hematology analysers can help your testing operation achieve optimal performance.
BeneSphera™ brand hematology analysers from Avantor enable you to perform  in vitro examination of specimens derived from the human body. These reliable, easy-to-use analysers are capable of monitoring a 3-part differential population.
Avantor also offers the BeneSphera™ brand 3-part differential VET hematology analyser –  capable of analyzing specimens from eleven species of animals.
Both analysers have a throughput of 60 samples per hour and only need 9.6 µL of whole blood sample volume to provide twenty parameters and three histograms.

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Supplier: Avantor Performance Materials B.V.

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