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Beta-2 Microglobulin (β2m), for serum and urine, on IMMAGE® series nephelometers

TRIMERO Diagnostics offers IVD CE marked Beta-2 Microglobulin (β2m) serum and urine assays for IMMAGE® series nephelometers.
The assays, for serum and urine samples, have been developed specifically for the Beckman Coulter’s IMMAGE® and IMMAGE® 800 Immunochemical Systems, using UDR particle-enhanced reagents.
In order to ensure lot to lot traceability, assays have been standardized to the to the 1st International Standard for Beta2 Microglobulin (code: B2M) of the WHO (World Health Organisation).
B2-microglobulin turbidimetric assays are also available for the most popular clinical chemistry analysers, for both urine and serum samples.
Other available assays for IMMAGE® nephelometers and turbidimetry include: KLoneus® Free Light Chains (FLC), Serum Amyloid A (SAA), IgD Immunoglobulins, Retinol Binding Protein (RBP) for serum and urine, Soluble Transferrin Receptor (sTfR), Hemopexin, Cystatin-C for serum and urine, A1-Microglobulin, Kappa and Lambda Light Chains for serum and urine, Complement C1q, Complement C5, Factor B (C3 Proactivator), C1 (Esterase) Inhibitor.


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