Greiner Bio One VACUETTE TUBE TOUCH Needle Indicator

Blood collection system

The VACUETTE TUBE-TOUCH is a safety product of the newest generation with an automated activation of the protective shield. This product is a further development of the already existing VACUETTE PREMIUM Safety Needle System. It was developed in close collaboration with users. The result is the VACUETTE TUBE-TOUCH Holder. The new name vividly captures the product’s functional capabilities. The safety mechanism is activated by placing the tube in the holder. In this way, needlestick injuries are automatically avoided. Apart from being easy to use, the VACUETTE TUBE-TOUCH is characterized by its newly designed protective shield, which is freely movable upon activation. Graduation marks have been added to the protective shield in order to easily demonstrate the position of the needle in the vein for the user. These marks show how far the needle is located in the vein. During removal of the needle from the vein, the protective shield automatically encloses the needle making the product practical, simple and safe. This product will be introduced this year in July at the AACC in Houston. Stand 4511.


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