C249 Biosystems 01

CRP-extended range test kit

C-Reactive Protein is an extremely useful parameter to evaluate acute phase episodes as it quickly reflects the reaction of the organism but is also a useful parameter to monitor infectious or inflammatory state. The normal level of CRP is very low but it can increase more than one thousand-fold in a very short time to decrease progressively in the next 72 hours. If CRP doesn’t return to its basal level there is a clear indication that some clinical action is required. As the range of values that CRP may show in a patient is very wide, analytical methods need to optimize their performance in terms of sensitivity at low values and measure range to cover the most common pathological ranges. BioSystems SA is now introducing its new latex immunoturbidimetry kit of CRP-extended range (CRP-er), covering a range from 1,3 to 300 mg/L, with no pro-zone up to 1000 mg/L and no interference from hemoglobin, lipemia or rheumatoid factors. The test uses a five-point calibration curve stable up to 2 months and it is suitable for use in automatic analysers. Standards and controls suitable for extended range are also available.

Supplier: BioSystems

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