Cytometry Software

An enhanced version of a highly acclaimed flow cytometry software, Kaluza Flow Cytometry Analysis Software version 1.2 adds new multiple visualisation tools and processes data very rapidly. A quick and simple interface with radial menus makes use easier. The ability to see animated data in multiple dimensions facilitates outstanding visualisation. Additionally, millions of cells can be analysed in an instant through the simultaneous use of hundreds of graphic processors. With a minimum number of clicks, a compensation matrix can be generated from a set of controls, with a choice from a variety of algorithms to generate the matrix and export the compensated data as a CSV file. Batch analysis capability enables processing of multiple files automatically with minimal input. By using gates on the Radar Plot, users can classify events and gate in n-dimensions. This function is also easy-to-use by browsing through its Gate Table, which displays the entire gating hierarchy using Excel-like functions right inside Kaluza reports. The Comparison Plot enables creation of a snapshot to compare statistics across multiple datasets with as few as two clicks. Major product enhancements include a choice of autocompensation algorithms and auto-detection of samples; automatic batch analysis of file lists or datasets; comparison plot, gate hierarchy, plot customisation, increased bivariate plot resolutions, black background and other visualisation tools; gates that are independent across multiple datasets; improvements in autocompensation and statistics calculations; and the use of user-defined expressions in data processing.

Supplier: Beckman Coulter Eurocenter

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