EKF Diagnostics acquires Separation Technology Inc.

EKF Diagnostics has acquired Separation Technology, Inc. (STI), the Florida based manufacturer of in vitro diagnostics devices for hematology testing from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. This acquisition complements EKF’s existing offering in the hemoglobin testing market place, which includes Hemo Control (also sold as HemoPoint H2 in USA and Asia). Notably, STI’s primary instrument is the UltraCrit hematocrit measurement device which is FDA-cleared for blood donor screening. STI develops, manufactures and markets specialty IVD devices including ultrasound instruments and tabletop centrifuges for the hematology testing market. STI also has an in-house engineering capability, including product design, production support and new product development. STI’s UltraCrit is the first and only hematocrit/hemoglobin device to use ultrasound technology. The hematocrit reading is displayed automatically in about 30 seconds and provides a hematocrit value that allows for standardization for all collections, including whole blood, apheresis and double red cell collections. UltraCrit uses reagentless cuvettes, a major point of differentiation between different analysers.

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