C341 Sclavo

ELISA & IFA automated platform

SKYLAB 752 is a fully automated analyser able to process simultaneously up to 7 EIA microplates and 28 IFA slides. The flexibility of the working area makes SKYLAB 752 suitable for any laboratory requirement. It is equipped with an innovative pipetting system: two pipettors working simultaneously and independently. This important feature makes it possible to dispense a whole microplate in half the time it takes with other similar analysers on the market, hence minimizing the drift effect. Standard high-quality disposable tips ensure zero carry over. The innovative and exclusive dispensing technology guarantees precision and accuracy of the results. Disposable high-quality tips are ideal for infectious disease tests (Hepatitis, ToRCH etc). The built-in barcode reader allows sample positive identification and reagents detection. SKYLAB 752’s unique features (such as the possibility to have 5 different buffers on board, as well as being able to carry up to 4 orbital shakers) make it suitable for any kind of ELISA test. Additionally, SKYLAB 752 is equipped with an innovative optical reading system: LEDs, instead of the traditional halogen lamp, guarantee stable reliability of the results.

Supplier: Sclavo Diagnostics International

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