Enzymatic creatinine assay for automated clinical chemistry analysers

The measurement of creatinine is commonly used to assess renal function and estimate glomerular filtration rates (eGFR). Jaffe methods, however, tend to be imprecise and are prone to a variety of interferences which may lead to inaccurate eGFR calculations. A new enzymatic creatinine assay, which minimises these problems and offers superior performance to the older Jaffe methods, is available for use on automated clinical chemistry analysers. This 2-part, liquid stable reagent eliminates interferences from endogenous creatine and ascorbic acid. In addition haemoglobin to 500mg/dL, conjugated bilirubin to 32mg/dL and unconjugated bilirubin to 40mg/dL do not to interfere with the assay. The reagent has an 18 month shelf life and up to 30 day on-board stability. The assay is measured at 550nm, correlates well to Jaffe methods (r=0.999) and is linear to 30mg/dL. Studies conducted according to NCCLS: EP 5 protocol yielded excellent precision with CVs below 2%. Many instrument
applications are available.

Supplier: Medtest/Pointe Scientific

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