C269 Belart

Fast and accurate colony counting

Even with the advances in automated and robotic colony counters, there still remains a need for accurate, simple to use and lower cost hand-held units. The efficient and accurate handheld Scienceware Colony Counter is ideal for those who only do counting on an irregular basis or only count a few plates at a time and do not wish the expense of investing space and capital in a larger system. Simple to operate, the unit marks, counts and gives an audible and visual alert each time a count is registered on the digital display. The lightweight, comfortable to hold, pen-style design reduces the likelihood of error, combining all aspects of counting into one motion. Error is further reduced by the ability to count both up and down to verify sample counts. Able to store up to 35 sample counts in its memory, it can also display the sum total of all colonies counted. The display has a backlight for easy viewing in low light conditions, the audible alert can be turned off if desired, and the counting function can be locked to prevent error during breaks between counting. Long-life, red and black felt-tip markers, a protective storage case and a 3V lithium battery are included. A complete counting system that includes the colony counter, a magnifier, light box, AC adapter, and counting grid is also available.

Supplier: Bel-Art Products

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