C279 Euroimmun crop

Full automation of ELISA

The new EUROLabWorkstation ELISA provides complete walkaway processing of ELISA, from primary sample to end result. The high-throughput system has a high capacity of up to 15 microplates and more than 700 samples in one run. More than 200 tests can be processed per hour. Samples and reagents are pipetted at high speed using 10 pipetting channels, and the microplates are processed with high efficiency. Soft wareguided loading and barcode/matrixcode scanning of samples, reagents and accessories ensure high result integrity and minimal hands-on time. Moreover, the automated identification of samples, plates, slides and reagents throughout the entire process enables comprehensive traceability. Personnel expenditure is minimized by the handling of plates or slides by the integrated robot. The dynamic working area of the EUROLab- Workstation ELISA allows laboratory workflow to be adapted to individual requirements. The system has a deck capacity of 45 tracks and a variable configuration with a definable number of needles and selectable additional modules. EUROIMMUN offers an extensive portfolio of ELISA which are validated for use on the instrument. The parameter spectrum encompasses over 350 parameters for autoimmune and infection diagnostics. Starting sample materials include serum, plasma and cerebrospinal fluid. All EUROIMMUN ELISA come complete with colour-coded, ready-to-use reagents for added convenience and standardization.


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