C343 Gesan

Fully automated random access clinical chemistry analyser

The Chem 300 plus is a random access clinical chemistry analyser and provides an innovative solution for laboratories thanks to its two reagent plates and two arms. This new design, combined with 60 (30+30) positions in two different rotors, gives the lab the opportunity to work with two instruments, allowing the best possible organization and combination of reagent plates. The Chem 300 plus analyser features a sophisticated software program to simplify operations and training. Moreover, the software automatically tracks service needs and alerts users when maintenance is due. The bar-coded Gesan Chem 300 plus dedicated reagents are automatically handled by the system which checks reagent specifications and expiring dates. The Chem 300 plus is fully programmable, reducing human instrument handling.
Furthermore, with its Extra clean system, Chem 300 plus is an eco-friendly analyser: its 80 washable BIONEX cuvettes allowing up to 30,000 tests combined with its low water consumption reduce environmental impact as well as disposal volumes.
The analyser offers high flexibility with a wide range of different configurations and vials. Last but not least, remote diagnostic control allows the service personnel to resolve errors quickly and efficiently without an on-site visit.

Supplier: GESAN

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