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Glycated albumin assay kit

Now available is a new Stanbio Chemistry Glycated Albumin (GA) assay kit. 
GA is a sensitive marker for intermediate glycemic control in diabetes and can fill the gap between long-term and short-term measurements of blood glucose status. This is particularly useful just after the start or during an alteration in diabetes treatment, where measurement of GA can confirm blood glucose changes over just 2 to 3 weeks. It is also useful for prognosis in hemodialysis patients and during pregnancy when HbA1c may provide an insufficient indication of glycemic levels. The Stanbio Chemistry GA assay uses an enzymatic method with liquid reagents and requires no preparation. It can be used on compatible open channel clinical chemistry analysers and expresses results as a ratio of Glycated Albumin to Albumin in mmol/mol from a small amount of blood serum. GA accurately reflects the latest blood glucose status as it is found throughout the body and is a type of protein that can readily be glycated.

Supplier: EKF Diagnostics

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