C284 Astra

High quality diagnostics for personalized medicine

Extending the company’s range of diagnostic testing solutions, the kits enable DNA extraction and the identification of polymorphisms in genes linked to disease or drug metabolism. The kits are real time PCR-based, and validated on multiple PCR instruments from leading manufacturers. These include thrombosis kits for the detection of polymorphisms in F5 and F2 genes, supporting disease management. The drug sensitivity kits determine an individual’s susceptibility to indirect anticoagulants and other drugs, including polymorphisms in CYP2C9, VKORC1, CYP2C19 genes. This knowledge is important in correct dosage prescription, which can vary hugely across genotypes. The Multi DNA extraction kit provides fast, easy extraction from various sample types, including serum, plasma, dry blood spots, urine, saliva and epithelial cells.


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