C132 Euroimmun 01

Immunofluorescence microscope and software system

The new EUROPattern system provides automated high-speed acquisition, archiving and interpretation of immunofluorescence images, supporting autoimmune disease diagnostics, in particular the analysis of anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA) and anti-neutrophil cytoplasm antibodies (ANCA). Alongside a high-precision optical system it has a controlled LED, which maintains a constant light flux, ensuring highly reproducible results. The exceptionally long life span (over 50,000 hours) and low power consumption of the cLED ensure cost-effectiveness. The microscope can process up to 500 analyses in succession, correctly identifying the slides by means of matrix codes. The EUROPattern system includes powerful pattern recognition software which identifies and classifies all ANA, anticytoplasmic antibodies and ANCA, even if more than one antibody is present. The system also evaluates anti-dsDNA antibodies on Crithidia luciliae as well as transfected cell substrates. Results are viewed on the PC screen, and can be checked retrospectively at the microscope if necessary. Images from further substrates such as liver, kidney and stomach can be recorded and archived. The laboratory management system EUROLabOffice, organises workflow and documents all data and processes. The software consolidates all results into one report per patient and also compares new findings with previous records. Different user levels provide a hierarchical review of results, thus increasing security. Final reports can be signed electronically and forwarded at a click of the mouse.


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