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Improved PT reagent

The Prothrombin Time test is the cornerstone of the coagulation discipline, representing over 50% of tests performed worldwide. Using a LEAN-based approach to cost reduction and improved patient safety, STA-NeoPTimal is a high performing PT reagent which is adapted to all types of laboratory workflows. For an optimal management, the new reagent offers a flexible solution with a range of 3 packaging sizes (5, 10 and 20 mL). It is the only tissue-extract PT and precalibrated reagent with an ISI = 1, with instrument-specific ISI values assayed against international standards and optimal sensitivity to changes in factor concentrations. The ease-of-use STA-NeoPTimal reagent offers user confidence and safety thanks to a fully validated system: fully automated barcoded reagent management with QC ranges for all Stago analysers and validated for evaluation of exogenous factors (II, V, VII and X); automatic Mean Normal Prothrombin Time (MNPT) calculation with STA Coag Expert module and a unique Viscosity-based Detection System (VBDS) insensitive to analytical interferences, such as hemolysis, icterus and lipelmia (HIL samples).

Supplier: Stago

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