KIMES: a platform for medical technology of the future

The 29th Korea International Medical & Hospital Show will take place at COEX in Seoul from 21st to 24th March 2013. The Asian’s premier medical event has been a growing hub of attraction for all those involved in the medical and healthcare industries. Backed by strong demand from Korean consumers, the development of the medical industry in Korea is remarkably fast-growing. In the circumstances, KIMES is filling the role of platform where both manufacturers and consumers can find satisfaction.

Korea, the new hub of healthcare technology
In Korea, medical teams have a particularly keen interest and show a high level of research in new medical technology such as robotic surgery and the U-health care system based on perfect IT infrastructure. The governmental investment and effort to activate the healthcare industry have been increased as well. Against this background, global companies have been making investments and building R&D centres in Korea to strengthen their foothold in export markets. The Korean medical industry is in the limelight as one of the national driving forces for new growth. It should provide new opportunities to a constantly evolving industry.

KIMES heading toward the global medical market
KIMES, which has been growing along with the local medical equipment industry is now set to joint the small club of the world’s prominent specialized medical exhibitions. In its 2012 edition last February, the KIMES Exhibition lined up 458 domestic companies plus 978 companies from a total of 30 countries including USA, Germany, UK, Japan, Italy, Taiwan and China. Up to 30,000 products were on display such as advanced medical equipment, imaging instrumentation, hospital equipment, medical information systems, emergency and surgical equipment and disposable products. About 60,000 visitors are expected for KIMES 2013 where 1,200 companies from 35 countries will cover 38,000 m2 of exhibition space. Also, with the backing of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), KIMES has been playing its role as a gateway to the global medical market while bolstering its reputation as a specialized international medical exhibition.

KIMES at the centre of Asian Network
KIMES has been building a global network not just with America and Europe, but also with Southeast Asia, as well as Central and South Asia and the Middle East, together with overseas associations and related organizations. It provides a wealth of information on the Korean market to overseas purchasing delegations and opens the field of networking for the purchasing process.

KIMES conference attracts thousands of professionals
A number of educational conferences and international forums for medical professionals coincide with the KIMES show and offer a comprehensive educational opportunity for medical professionals. This commitment to education draws a huge audience, which is all benefit to exhibitors.