Mass spectrometry analyser for hospitals and diagnostic laboratories

The new AB SCIEX IVD-MS analyser provides a combination of the high sensitivity and selectivity of mass spectrometry (MS) technology and the molecular separation power of liquid chromatography (LC) with a technicianfriendly, intuitive interface. The new SCIEX ClearCore MD Software provides streamlined data processing, reporting and review functionality. This will help make the adoption of LC/MS/MS for routine analysis significantly easier. The ClearCore software enables quantitation and data exploration without the need for additional software packages. It provides simple method development tools with separate LC and MS method editors. It also provides customizable access to modules based on user security levels, including routine users, method developers, data reviewers and administrators, so personnel is only able to access approved modules. This software drives the workflow that utilizes the power of the analyzer. The new IVD-MS analyser joins the company’s growing line of in vitro diagnostic devices for certain European countries, including the AB SCIEX 3200MD CE-IVD series of MS systems. The intended use of this CE marked, regulatory-compliant device is to identify inorganic or organic compounds in human specimens for clinical use, providing routine diagnostic testing laboratories in certain countries in Europe with the ability to quantitate multiple trace level compounds in a single analysis with high confidence in the results.

Supplier: Sciex

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