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Multiparameter hepatitis C test

The Multisure HCV antibody test is intended to fill the gap that exists in the current Hepatitis C diagnosis and may provide additional information about the infection profile. MP Diagnostics Multisure HCV is a qualitative multiparameter immunochromatographic assay, intended for the detection and differentiation of Hepatitis C antibodies that may be present in patients with acute or chronic Hepatitis C infection. This innovative test is developed based on the patented reverse-flow technology, giving greater sensitivity and stronger visual signals. The multiparameter platform test uses human whole blood, plasma or serum. The test has a short test-time and can detect & differentiate HCV antibodies against both structural and non-structural proteins across all six genotypes. Multisure HCV Antibody Assay is instrument-free, easy to use and is suitable for use as Point-of-care or with automation and does not require highly trained personnel to perform the test. The test has excellent correlation with PCR, EIA & immunoblot. It allows medical professionals to get additional information about the infection profile as well as stage; patients may be able to receive earlier diagnosis, timely treatment and thereby a better disease management.

Supplier: MP Biomedicals- Diagnostics

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