C324 DASIT FC Prod Easy Neph 01 NEW

Nephelometric system

EasyNeph is a complete nephelometric system made up of the analyser itself and dedicated, ready-to-use reagents for testing of Specific Proteins levels in serum, urine and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The EasyNeph analyser is a full random access nephelometer able to process up to 120 tests/hour, a very flexible machine allowing continuous loading of samples and STAT function. It includes a high performances optic module, based on a laser light source with a wavelength of 670nm and 16° reading angle. The laser light allows a wide measuring range by scattering. Sampling is performed by one dispensing needle equipped with capacitive sensor level. Automatic sample probe washing (internal and external) prevents carry over. The operational soft ware comes with an extremely userfriendly interface. The reaction plate is composed by 120 re-usable high-transparency cuvettes washed by an efficient washing station. A very small reaction volumes is utilized by the system. Antigen excess is under constant control by continuously monitoring all the kinetic reactions. All the reagents, liquid and ready-to-use, are validated on the EasyNeph analyser in compliance with CLSI’s International Guidelines. Calibrators and Controls are in accordance with International Protocols (WHO, IFCC). The wide panel of urinary testing allows a complete diagnosis of renal diseases, also providing exclusive parameters such as urinary hemoglobin.

Supplier: Sclavo Diagnostics International

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