C228 Stago 01

New reagent to measure dabigatran

Stago completes its anticoagulant line with a new reagent, STA-ECA II, for the measurement of dabigatran plasma concentration in patients under  treatment, in case of emergency (hemorrhage, urgent surgery or invasive procedure). STA-ECA II is an ecarin-based chromogenic assay which specifically measures the anticoagulant effect of direct thrombin inhibitors like dabigatran. The use of dedicated calibrators and controls is necessary. This assay is insensitive to lupus anticoagulant, heparin and variations in levels of coagulation factors and fibrinogen. Available on STA R Max, STA-R and STA Compact Max, STA-ECA II shows excellent analytical performances down to 15 ng/mL in the low range, with a high correlation to the reference technique for dabigatran measurement, LC-MS using “total dabigatran” protocol. With a long on-board stability (3 days) and at 2-8°C (28 days), this reagent is suitable for all types of laboratory activities.

In the USA and Canada this product is classified as “For Research Use Only”.

Supplier: Stago

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