Nitrocellulose membranes optimized for diagnostic assay reproducibility

Designed for diagnostic assays, the Whatman FF High Performance (HP) membrane enables fast, razor-sharp line separation and highly reproducible results for the detection of target molecules in liquids such as water, urine, blood and saliva. Th e target molecules may include drugs, hormones, proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids, whole bacteria and viruses. Th e membrane is suitable for use in lateral fl ow assay manufacture as it provides improved reliability and rapid results. Production using an innovative casting method yields a uniform, new powderfree surface that delivers a coeffi cient of variation in capillary rise of < 10 %. Both the intra- and inter- lot consistency was tested through analysis of over 1000 samples giving a low coeffi cient of variation. Th is excellent reproducibility improves the consistency of assays and off ers a more reliable limit of detection, which in turn reduces the costs of assay optimization for researchers. Th ree FF HP membranes are available with diff erent capillary rise times (wicking rate), allowing researchers to choose the most suitable membrane for their assay.
Supplier: GE Healthcare

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