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POC data management system

A major software upgrade for the RAPIDComm Data Management System (V6.0) makes it possible to centrally manage in vitro diagnostics analysers and operators at the point-of-care (POC). In addition to the system’s enhanced productivity and performance features, RAPIDComm V6.0 now connects with POC cardiac devices. Point-of-care coordinators face tremendous workflow challenges when implementing and managing POC testing programmes. They are typically responsible for managing the testing done at dozens of locations on hundreds of devices and by thousands of operators, all while ensuring results are delivered quickly and reliably, and that compliance requirements of the laboratory remain satisfied. RAPIDComm V6.0 offers a complete solution for POC data management with the addition of cardiac support. With connectivity to the Stratus CS 200 Acute Care Diagnostic System, the RAPIDComm system facilitates increased accessibility and oversight for point-of-care coordinators. System features such as the lock-out component—which prohibits operators not yet certified to use the equipment from running tests—are designed to improve compliance practices and enhance patient safety. With the introduction of several performance and productivity features, RAPIDComm V6.0 also reduces manual intervention and physical transmittal of data from one device to another. RAPIDComm system V6.0 integrates with multiple host connections and includes time synchronization with the CLINITEK Status Connect System, which automatically synchronizes the instruments daily for consistency across the point-of-care environment. RAPIDComm system V6.0 also introduces a new configurable backup utility, making it easier for customers with remote database configurations to directly manage their database backup activities. Further, Material Use Reports for diabetes and urinalysis aid in inventory management, while Device Status alerts, email notifications and operator comments alert coordinators when the instruments need attention.

Supplier: Siemens Healthineers

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