C311 Thermo

Random access analysers

Thermo Scientific Indiko and Indiko Plus are random access clinical chemistry analysers with a wide menu of homogeneous enzyme immunoassays for drugs of abuse testing, and therapeutic drug monitoring including immunosuppressant testing. Besides these specialty tests, the Indiko system test menu covers routine clinical chemistry tests. The latest additions are ready-to-use liquid form CK and CK-MB reagents with a long on-board stability and wide measuring range. The unique low-volume cuvette design makes the systems economical to use, providing low reagent costs and minimizing the amount of reagent waste. The compact Indiko and Indiko Plus benchtops are designed for small and medium sized laboratory settings. Both analysers are sample-oriented and easy to use. Various automated features, like sophisticated dilutions, reflex testing capability and electronically readable calibrator and control values help to perform analysis in an effective way. Start-up and shutdown protocols are automated, and once loaded, the system has a walk-away time of up to two hours. A bi-directional LIS interface further automates test requisition and result management. The calibration and reagent lot data associated with patient information secure full result traceability.

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy

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