C400 Diesse

Single test multiparametric system for immunometric assays

Now featuring an autosampler accessory that enables the automatic pipetting of samples and automatic start of the run, the Chorus TRIO multiparametric system consolidates infectious diseases and autoimmunity tests on a single system.
The Identi-System Bar-Code Concept ensures the elimination of human errors in the preanalytical phase. Results are reported early, reducing turn-around time and it is possible to combine any kind of test in the same run. The minimal manual operation consists of just 3 steps: dispensing the serum into the device; placing the device in the instrument and simply pressing RUN as the instrument is programmed by the device’s bar-code label.
The single test device contains all the reagents necessary to perform the assay; there are no hidden costs or waste of reagents. A master curve procedure with 1-point calibrator is included in the kit. Packaging comes in sets of 36 or 12 devices according to the type of test. The random access instrument has a capacity of up to 30 different assays per run and may be operated in batch mode. Other features include touch-screen LCD, internal bar-code reader, built-in thermal printer and a multi-wavelength photometer (450, 650 nm). The instrument provides storage of all data of the last 20 sessions as well as a bidirectional connection to a host computer (RS-232 serial port). The autosampler accessory takes up to 30 primary tubes on board with disposable tips and incorporates an internal bar-code reader. Its compact design allows it to upgrade the Chorus instrument with no extra room required. 

Supplier: Diesse Diagnostica Senese

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