C340 EKF Stat Site M Hgb Analyser

Strip-based test for hemoglobin

A new strip-based test for quick and easy hemoglobin analysis for anemia determination is now available. STAT-Site M Hgb is a pocket-sized device that reliably delivers accurate hemoglobin analysis results within 30 seconds from 15 μL of finger-prick whole blood. This hemoglobin photometer is maintenance-free, and features intuitive, step by step on-screen instructions minimize training and ensure ease of use. Due to its durability, portability and userfriendliness, STAT-Site M Hgb is especially suited to blood screening programmes in developing world markets, but it also has a niche in settings where operators are mobile. Using just one 3V Li type battery for every 1,000 tests and with an operating temperature range of 16° to 35°C, the analyser is ideal for field use.

Supplier: EKF Diagnostics

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