LabUMat 2 UriSed 2 complete

The Full Picture in Urinalysis

The second generation of the popular automated urinalysis system that combines a urine chemistry analyzer and a urine sediment analyzer is introduced. The LabUMat 2 is designed for high volume urine test strip reading and for analyzing three physical parameters. The UriSed 2 is able to detect urine particles in urine sediment with high accuracy. Relying on the automation of traditional manual microscopy and advanced image processing the sediment analyzer offers a unique method for sedimentation. It performs sample preparation, provides whole field of view microscopic images of sediment and identifies urine particles in a fully automated way, while human evaluation is also possible any time after the measurement on screen, without manual microscopy. The interfaced LabUMat 2 & UriSed 2 analyzers form a Complete Urine Laboratory System working without any special liquid reagents. This latest development of 77 Elektronika is a walk-away system dealing with the workload of big laboratories. The automated technology improves diagnostic quality by increased reproducibility and accuracy and also improves productivity by eliminating the time consuming procedure of manual sample preparation.  

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