C329 Euroimmun

Uromodulin ELISA for kidney function diagnostics

A new CE-labelled Uromodulin ELISA allows measurement of the uromodulin concentration in serum or plasma, and represents a sensitive test for kidney function loss. Uromodulin is a glycoprotein which is synthesized exclusively in the kidneys and subsequently secreted. When renal function is impaired, the uromodulin concentration in the serum sinks rapidly. Thus, renal disorders can be detected at a very early stage, even when there are few symptoms. Uromodulin determination supplements established kidney function markers such as creatinine. Moreover, it enables detection of renal insufficiency in the creatinine-blind area in the initial stages of kidney disease. Uromodulin measurement is also suitable for monitoring kidney vitality during therapy, predicting clinical outcome after kidney transplantation and enhancing risk prediction for cardiovascular diseases. In the ELISA, uromodulin is detected using microplates coated with anti-uromodulin antibodies. The uromodulin concentrations are established using a simple cut-off-based interpretation (normal value in health adults around 200 ng/ml). External factors such as body weight, nutrition or muscle mass do not need to be factored into the results by additional calculations, as with classic markers. The fast and simple test procedure takes less than 3 hours and is fully automatable on all open ELISA processers.


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