C321 Elitech

Viral meningitis panel

Recently launched is a high-performance real-time PCR assay: Meningitis Viral 2 ELITe MGB Panel for viral meningitis diagnosis, validated with ELITe InGenius, ELITechGroup’s fully automated sample to result system. Viruses are the most common causative agent of meningitis. Although presenting similar onset, viral and bacterial meningitis are associated with entirely different outcomes. Rapid and accurate diagnosis by molecular method is important to identify the viral agent, rule out a bacterial infection, and adapt patient management. Meningitis Viral ELITe MGB Panel 2 is a multiplex assay validated with cerebrospinal fluid samples, which combines reverse transcription and real-time PCR amplification for the detection and the differentiation of Enterovirus, Parechovirus and Adenovirus in one single reaction. The clinical studies have demonstrated excellent performance: 100% diagnostic sensitivity and 100% specificity for all targets. The validation with the ELITe InGenius system offers several advantages to laboratories: results in only 2h30 with limited hands-on time, emergency testing performed in parallel of any routine samples within the same run, and storage of extracted nucleic acid for an optimal use of precious CSF samples for retesting, additional molecular testing, or archiving. The ELITe InGenius menu for molecular diagnosis of meningitis will be further broadened in the coming months, with an additional real-time PCR multiplex assay for the detection of the main causative agents of bacterial meningitis.


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