Vitamin B12 levels suitable for anaemia monitoring

A new range of immunoassay controls provides clinically relevant levels of Vitamin B12 capable of accurately assessing the sensitivity of vitamin B12 assays. Vitamin B12 levels may be anywhere between 200 – 900 pg/mL with values under 200pg/mL indicating deficiency; signs of neurological deficiency or anaemia are usually evident in patients with levels below 150pg/mL. The Acusera Level 1 Immunoassay Premium, Immunoassay Premium Plus and Liquid Immunoassay controls contain low enough levels of Vitamin B12 (approx 150pg/mL) to assess assay performance at the clinical decision level, removing the need to purchase a separate anaemia control. In addition to low Vitamin B12 levels, the Premium and Premium Plus controls also contain ultra low levels of Ferritin and TSH, as well as a wide range of other immunoassay parameters, allowing consolidation of fertility hormones, thyroid hormones, kidney function tests, therapeutic drugs and other vitamins. In addition to this the Premium Plus control also contains many of the routinely run tumour markers including AFP, CA15-3, CA19-9, CA-125, CEA, PSA and Free-PSA.

Supplier: Randox Laboratories Ltd.

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