Web-based clinical lab computerisation system

A new middleware for clinical chemistry, microbiology and molecular biology labs is available. Utilising a rule-based engine to deliver all-round control over laboratory workflow and sample processing, HALIA’s powerful functionality significantly improves laboratory efficiency, compliance and quality control. The middleware interface provides a complete web-based lab computerisation system, allowing central management and connection of all analysers through a single interface on any workstation. The user-configurable rule-based engine enables autoverification, sample routing and real-time clinical data capture and management for greater quality control. By supporting open automation systems and addressing issues such as regulatory compliance, workforce reductions and enhanced quality control, this middleware effectively meets the challenges facing lab managers. Responding to the increase in Point of Care Testing, a POCT Data Manager function is offered. This gives lab managers a real-time overview of all the data relating to multiple blood gas analysers or other devices, including instrument maintenance schedules and QC alerts. Detailed real-time data on total turnaround time (TAT) – a key performance indicator in large laboratories striving to increase throughput – is also provided. If a LIS/LIMS system goes down, the backup module allows manual input of sample information. Manual samples are then matched to LIS/LIMS data once the connection is restored.

Supplier: NoemaLife S.p.A

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