C318 Diatron

3-part differential hematology analyser

The Aquila 3-part differential hematology analyser (60 samples /hour throughput) can be used in many testing locations where high-quality complete blood count (CBC) results are desired. The instrument provides an optimal testing solution for both the experienced and inexperienced user, and practices which require a high-quality hematology analyser. Specifically designed for the decentralized laboratory and near-patient testing situations, this small analyser has low reagent consumption (<12ml), requires only a small sample size (20µl) and has a unique on-board reagent pack (sufficient for approximately 200 measurement cycles). With a small footprint, the analyser can be used in many locations, including small laboratories and in point-of-care applications. The low instrument reagent consumption coupled with its on-board reagent pack ensure that the shipping, storage and usage of reagents deliver enhanced ease of use as well as significant cost reductions. The newly available analyser, while requiring little bench space, features a large touch screen, an intuitive user interface, an optional back-up battery pack and extended connectivity options.


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