C290 Edan crop

3-part hematology analyser

Edan is expanding its product line into the In-vitro diagnostics area by cooperating with BIT-Messer, Germany, who has accumulated experience in the IVD field for decades. The new line, consisting of a 3-part hematology analyser, is the culmination of that effort. Compact yet powerful, full featured yet affordable, simple yet reliable, the H30 provides 20 parameters and 3 histograms. With only 9.6µl needed for blood aspiration as well as the possibility of using capillary whole blood samples, the H30 could be an ideal choice for pediatric hospitals and clinical laboratories. The instrument just needs 3 reagents for sample analysis. Features of the analyser include low reagent consumption, high stability and zero maintenance of the tubing system.

Supplier: Edan Instruments Inc

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