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32,000 EQA participants can’t be wrong

Comprehensively assessing analytical performance in your laboratory has just become easier with, RIQAS the world’s largest EQA Scheme. Our impressive programme portfolio has recently expanded to comprise of 8 new programmes including:

Anti-TSH Receptor
CYFRA 21-1
Sweat Testing
Trace Elements in Blood
Trace Elements in Serum
Trace Elements in Urine

Launching in March these programmes will allow clinical laboratories to review & monitor calibration issues, systematic errors and test system accuracy, thus ensuring the results you release are accurate and reliable.
Features of these new programmes include;

  • Monthly reporting
  • Rapid report turnaround of 24-72 hours
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Covers the full clinical decision range
  • Register 5 instruments at no extra cost

Contact us today to find out how you could consolidate your EQA test menu.

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