C219 Gonotec founder and owner

A success story for more than 35 years: Gonotec GmbH

When founding the company GONOTEC GmbH in 1979, electronics engineer Harald Göritz and chemist Klaus Noack could not possibly imagine that their target to develop, produce and market analytical measuring instruments for medical and chemical application would be as successful as it turned out to be. Both founders of the company could already look back to decades of experience in this field.

It all started with a cryoscopic osmometer for clinical application: the OSMOMAT 030. At the first exhibitions he visited, Klaus Noack was surprised by the high level of interest generated by the instrument. There was no other way than to expand production to cope with the increasing demand for this osmometer, which offered a complete ease of handling, previously unattained,  resulting in a growing number of sales.
Inspired by this success, a new osmometer was developed by Klaus Noack to complete the osmometer line for medical application: the colloid osmometer OSMOMAT 050. Even though the market for this instrument, basically used in intensive care units, was not as big as for the OSMOMAT 030, the product also contributed to the further success of GONOTEC GmbH.
In the middle of the 80’s, development started on a new range of instruments, namely the chemical osmometers. The aim was the development of instruments for the determination of molar masses based on osmotic parameter for chemical application that also offer easy handling for the user.
The three osmometers, vapor pressure osmometer OSMOMAT 070, membrane osmometer OSMOMAT 090 and cryoscopic osmometer OSMOMAT 010 complement one another due to their different measuring methods in the determination of the range of molar masses up to 2,000,000 Dalton.
In 2001 the general management of GONOTEC was taken over by Jan Celinsek, who worked already  with GONOTEC since 1991.
In 2003 a new model in the osmometer family was launched into the market: the OSMOMAT auto, which is also characterized by extreme reliability and easy handling, thus fitting perfectly into the already well known GONOTEC osmometer line.
In 2009 GONOTEC moved to new premises with lots of space for new ideas! In the same year, the chloridmeter CM20 was launched, followed in 2013 by the next generation of osmometers: the OSMOMAT 3000 and the OSMOMAT 3000 basic, both replacing the well known OSMOMAT 030.
To this day, GONOTEC is no large, anonymous concern but still a medium-sized, private company, owned by Klaus Noack, the founder. However, we became a global player with customers in more than 60 countries.
One of the most valuable resources GONOTEC always had was its permanent staff. Once people start working  for GONOTEC they stay with the company as they are proud of their work. The same applies to the numerous number of dealers all over the world. The cooperation between the agents and GONOTEC is like in a family; constant trainings at the company headquarters improve this special relationship between agent and manufacturer. GONOTEC products do deserve the description “Made in Germany”, as the whole production is in one location. It is easy for external persons visiting the company to see an osmometer being manufactured  from the very beginning to its finishing and perfect functioning. 
Since GONOTEC was able to export the company’s philosophy by means of the highest quality standards and competence as well as constant assistance to customers and agents, it is looking optimistically into the future. Our company’s philosophy is a promise to all our customers and potential customers.