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Accurate steroid hormone analysis

The second in its series of steroid hormone kits based on tandem mass spectrometry, the AbsoluteIDQ Stero17 kit can analyse up to 80 samples per batch, requires a sample volume of only 500 μL, and enables the most comprehensive simultaneous quantification of a steroid panel using HPLC-MS/ MS as well as improved high-throughput UHPLC–MS/MS analysis. The kit covers the standardized quantitative analysis of 17 of the most important steroid hormones from only a single blood sample using UHPLC-MS/MS, a technology meeting the most stringent quality control criteria for routine diagnostics, ensuring a high level of analytical sensitivity and selectivity, and guaranteeing superior accuracy and excellent precision for robust results. The kit, which has been approved by proficiency tests, comes complete with isotopelabelled internal standards, reagents and protocols for sample pre¬paration based on solid-phase extraction in a 96-well plate format and subsequent UHPLC-ESI-MS/ MS analysis in highly specific multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) mode and a tightly quality-controlled workflow. Given the significant role of steroid hormones in the body, their quantitative analysis in clinical diagnostics and research-based applications can be crucial. Compared to immunoassay-based tests, LC-MS/MS analysis offers the advantages of multiplexing (simultaneous analysis of multiple target analytes), higher specificity (by so-called multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), greater dynamic range of the calibration and lower inter-laboratory variability (including diversity in sample preparation, calibrators and analytical methods).

Supplier: BIOCRATES Life Sciences AG

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