C135 Sobioda 01

Anaerobic, microaerophilic, capnophilic environment system

SOBIODA introduces its new system BACTR Plus for the automated and standardized creation of specific environments for fastidious bacteria. The BACTR Plus operates with the substitution principle: it evacuates air from the jar with the vacuum pump and replaces it with the specific gas mixture in relation with the cultivated bacteria. The system replaces all chemical bags (for anaerobiosis, micro-aerophily, CO2 supplementation). It is a very economical and fast alternative to chemical bags and chambers. To ensure traceability of any use of the system, the BACT-R Plus is able to save on the SD card all data related to the user, the jar, the gas, the programme. The reproducibility of the atmosphere creation contributes to the standardization of the procedure, allowing IOS15189 requirements to be achieved.

Supplier: Sobioda SA

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