C331 Biosystems

Analyser with integrated cooling system

A new version of the A15, a benchtop analyser with a throughput of 150 tests per hour featuring simplicity, high flexibility and analytical robustness, is available now with a new integrated cooling system to increase on-board reagent stability. This new optional configuration guarantees high reagent stability even for those laboratories working in continuous mode, as well as simplifying reagent handling for those that prefer to keep reagents on board. The new cooling system, with a capacity of up to 20 reagents on board in any combination of 20 and 50 mL vials, is able to maintain them at 10ºC below room temperature. It provides increasing stability for those reagents known to be affected by variations or high room temperatures, reducing time required to reagent preparation while facilitating reagent configuration steps. The company also provides a wide range of dedicated and validated reagents, designed to achieve optimal analytical performance when used with its analysers.

Supplier: BioSystems

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