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Anti-TBEV ELISAs for CSF and serum

EUROIMMUN has introduced CE-IVDR-compliant ELISAs for detection of IgG antibodies against tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and serum samples. TBEV causes the severe and potentially fatal neurological disease TBE, which is endemic in parts of Europe and Asia and is growing in range and incidence. In TBE cases with CNS involvement, detection of intrathecal antibodies is an important diagnostic investigation.

The new Anti-TBE Virus CSF ELISA 2.0 (IgG) provides easy quantitative detection of TBEV-specific antibodies in CSF and serum pairs for calculation of the antibody index. The ELISA processing can be fully automated using the EUROIMMUN Analyzer I or I-2P or the EUROLabWorkstation ELISA. Due to standardised incubation schemes and exchangeable reagents, the test can be processed in parallel with EUROIMMUN CSF ELISAs for antibodies against further pathogens.

ELISA microplate automat kleiner 1

Results are quantified by means of a 6-point calibration curve or using a single recalibrator with reference to a stored master curve generated by EUROLabCSF software. The specialised software computes the CSF/serum quotients and interprets the findings. Results are displayed clearly in quotient diagram according to Reiber and Lange.

The software communicates bidirectionally between the EUROIMMUN ELISA processor or photometer, LIS and nephelometer, so that time-consuming and error-prone manual data transfer is no longer required. A further ELISA, the Anti-TBE Virus ELISA 2.0 (IgG), is available for quantitative detection of antibodies in serum or plasma samples. The evaluation of this test is based on a 4-point calibration in RU/ml units, with optional conversion to Vienna units if required.