C271 Siemens

Assay for free protein S antigen testing

Testing for protein S plays an important role in thrombophilia screening. The INNOVANCE® Free PS Ag (protein S antigen) assay employs polystyrene particles coated with monoclonal antibodies for highly specific determination of free protein S. The assay demonstrates high linearity and excellent precision over the entire calibrated measuring range, as well as high specificity for free protein S antigens with no major interferences, including those commonly incurred from rheumatoid factors and heterophilic antibodies. The test delivers excellent reagent stability, superb lot-to-lot consistency and correlation of results among all the coagulation analysers on which it runs. The test’s ease of use minimizes operator training, and the liquid formulation requires no mixing or preparation, loading easily onto coagulation analysers.

Supplier: Siemens Healthineers

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