AstraZeneca to use ProBioGen’s GlymaxX technology for drug discovery


ProBioGen has agreed a multi-product commercial license with AstraZeneca to use the GlymaxX technology.

Following evaluation of the technology under a research license, AstraZeneca will now continue to use GlymaxX and will integrate the technology into their drug discovery.

GlymaxX improves target cell killing orchestrated by natural killer cells, thereby enhances antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC). It is a universal, simple technology that allows modifying existing cell lines or creating new ones, demonstrating its flexibility. Another unique advantage of GlymaxX is that it allows using the same modified cell line to produce antibodies of varying levels of fucosylation.

Dr Gabriele Schneider, ProBioGen’s Chief Business Officer, said: “We are delighted that AstraZeneca decided to implement our technology, which has shown great potential in making molecules more potent and efficient.”

The GlymaxX technology, developed by ProBioGen, prevents the addition of the sugar “fucose” to the N-linked antibody carbohydrate part by antibody producing cells. The absence of fucose enhances ADCC (antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity) activity for antibodies directed against cancer and infectious diseases. The GlymaxX technology is based on the stable introduction of a gene for an enzyme which deflects the cellular pathway of fucose biosynthesis. ProBioGen offers this technology royalty-free to third parties. The technology has been widely applied worldwide in the biotech and pharma industry to produce afucosylated molecules.