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Astrea Bioseparations introduces Nereus LentiHERO, a fit-for-purpose solution for lentiviral vector purification

Astrea Bioseparations, a leading provider of novel purification and separation tools supporting the development of next-generation therapeutics, has announced the commercial launch of its Nereus LentiHERO lentiviral vector (LVV) purification technology. Incorporating ‘AstreAdept’, the company’s proprietary nanofiber material, this novel solution addresses the challenges associated with purifying the large and fragile products used in cell and gene therapy.

“We believe that AstreAdept will be a game-changer,” explained Astrea Bioseparations’ CEO Terry Pizzie. “Our approach was to rapidly develop and incorporate this material into the Nereus LentiHERO, a simple, fit-for-purpose device that radically transforms how lentivirus can be purified [in terms of speed, recovery, and efficiency]. This launch also sets the stage for a future where cutting-edge therapies can make it into the hands of patients faster and more affordably than ever.”
Despite the significant potential of LVV therapeutics, speed of development has been slow due to the lack of fit-for-purpose platforms, with users dependent on outdated and inefficient devices. To overcome these barriers, Astrea Bio is developing uniquely designed products that are easier to use than previous approaches.

“High yield, combined with rapid purification are now possible by utilizing AstreAdept,” explained Pizzie.
AstreAdept is a proprietary bioseparations material that utilizes cutting-edge nanofiber technology which enables biologics manu-facturers to reduce process times, increase process efficiency, reduce buffer consumption, and consequently improve waste treatment costs. As a result, greener, faster, and more cost-effective bioprocessing workflows are possible.

Astrea Bio has been developing purification and separation technologies for more than 30 years, with several products used to manufacture FDA approved treatments. Nereus LentiHERO represents the first tool in the company’s rapidly expanding toolbox of next-generation fit-for-purpose solutions for cell and gene therapy development and manufacturing.

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