C048 DiaSorin CellSep Advanced

Automated cell separation system

For the automated isolation of cells directly from whole blood or buffy coat, LIAISON Ixt/ Arrow CellSep Advanced can isolate up to 3 cell types per sample in just 32 minutes per cell type, offering significant time savings compared to manual cell separation methods. Based on proven magnetic bead technology, CellSep Advanced is designed for use on the LIAISON Ixt/ Arrow instrument for the separation of 1, 2 or 3 cell types in up to 12 samples at a time. Requiring minimal hands-on intervention, the system produces good yields of purified cell preparations ready for use in a wide range of downstream applications, including lineage-specific chimerism analysis. The Ixt/Arrow automated platform also minimizes human error and ensures reproducibility between runs for consistent and reliable downstream analysis. Trials have shown that the performance of CellSep Advanced is equivalent to manual cell separation methods, in terms of cell quality and quantity. The product is part of a growing range of cell separation and nucleic acid extraction kits available for use on the LIAISON Ixt/ Arrow instrument, meeting the demands of modern cell analysis applications and ensuring that reliable results are reaching clinicians at the earliest opportunity.

Supplier: DiaSorin Ireland Ltd

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