Automated CRP analyser

Based on a dual system of nephelometry and turbidimetry test with high sensitivity, the QR-1000 fully automatic CRP analyser utilizes a replaceable laser device and integrated  detection system and offers a large detecting range. Testing speed is 60T/Hour and the tests may be run on peripheral whole blood, venous whole blood, serum or plasma samples. The analyser automatically detects the remaining reagent volume and calculates the number of tests available.
All results are shown on the same screen, which can be printed. Conversion of HCT value in whole blood makes result uniform in whole blood and serum. Other features include a 5.6 inch LCD touch screen, an integrated barcode scanner, a 3 RS232C interface for data transmission to an external printer or external barcode scanner and unlimited result storage.

Supplier: Shenzhen Huisong Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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